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Five people killed in Syria car bomb attacks claimed by ISIS terrorists

Five people killed in Syria car bomb attacks claimed by ISIS terrorists

Five people were killed on Tuesday in two car bomb attacks targeting minority neighbourhoods in Syria and claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Citing a security source, IS’s propaganda agency Amaq said IS fighters were responsible for the blasts near the capital Damascus and in third city Homs.

The first explosion killed four people and wounded 30 near the Al-Zahraa neighbourhood of Homs city, state news agency SANA said.

Most residents of Al-Zahraa belong to the same Alawite sect as President Bashar al-Assad, and the neighbourhood has been repeatedly targeted by IS.

The bomber drove the vehicle towards a checkpoint where security forces opened fire, detonating the explosives inside, SANA reported.

“Some of those with minor injuries have already left hospital,” Homs governor Talal Barazi told state television.

The second blast claimed by IS took place on the road south from the capital to Syria’s holiest Shiite Muslim shrine, the Sayyida Zeinab mausoleum.

Police opened fire on a vehicle near a checkpoint which turned out to be carrying explosives and blew up, killing one civilian and wounding another, SANA said.

In March, twin suicide attacks at Sayyida Zeinab killed 74 people, most of them Iraqi pilgrims.

Tuesday’s bombings come two days after the government announced it had taken full control of Homs, following the evacuation of rebels from the last neighbourhood under their control.

The Russian-supervised evacuation from the Waer district was the latest blow to the rebels by government troops backed by their Russian and Iranian allies.

Since December, the rebels have lost their former bastion of Aleppo and nearly all of the areas they controlled in Damascus.

Source: France 24