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KMC Holding


KMC was established in 1996 as a single department in its ultimate beneficiary KFH. KMC is fully owned by KFH through Muthanna Investment Company K.S.C.C. and Nakheel United Real Estate Co.

KMC brings to customers access to the commercial knowledge database of local and regional markets, the ability to provide accurate and flexible business plans for project finance, and access to KFH’s wide range of Project Finance Services. KFH-KMC has historically brought to customers a full range of project management, commercial contracting, consulting services, capital structuring and real estate investment management. KMC began its commercial operations with 19 employees and now has employs over 750 employees in all areas of expertise.

With a portfolio of over $3 billion, KMC initially started with a capital of $2 million which has now grown to more than $35 million.

Ties to the West:

Company’s website mentions a JV with the giant Spanish construction company Besca.

Connected With:

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