Labeling IRGC as a terrorist group

Labeling IRGC as a terrorist group

The US allies in the Middle East have evidenced unanimous opposition to delisting the IRGC as an FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) and deep concern over the Biden’s administration’s approach to Iran. The IRGC has conducted various strikes against the U.S and regularly attempts to attack Israel and the states in the Persian Gulf. This terrorist group is scheming active assassination efforts against former U.S. officers and has been implicated in plots to assassinate Americans even on U.S. soil.

Undeniably, the terrorist IRGC is the established chief of Iranian efforts to increase terrorism across the region. IRGC aggressively endorses terror proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen and other places around the globe.

Foolhardy offers of a compromise to the Iran regime led to this response: “Delisting the terrorists of IRGC could whitewash the group’s continuing terrorism, ignore the IRGC’s terror victims, and perilously politicize terror designations moving ahead”. Biden decided to accept and heed the warnings of his US partners and stop the process of removing the IRGC from the FTO list. The increase of the tension in Middle East proved that American diplomacy with criminal mullahs is ineffective.

Biden conveyed his decision unambiguously, the world welcomed it, and remembered the “maximum pressure” campaign of Trump. Trump in April 2019 designated the IRGC as a FTO, but also removed the notorious mullah-serving terrorist – Qassem Soleimani – from the field. Those moves were seen as intelligent.

The US has a duty to seek to activate the “snapback mechanism” and sanctions on Iran, helping the removal of the criminal mullahs from the political theatre.

In retrospect, since 1979, the terrorist loving mullahs have hegemonic goals, and IRGC with its pernicious actions presents a clear and present threat to the entire world. The European Parliament has realized this at last.

The IRGC supports so-called resistance groups (terrorist Islamic groups engaged in worldwide terror such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or Houthis). Among its major local goals. Iran amplifies its threats to attack Israel and the US. substantially, while he propaganda machine of IRGC among the fake opposition and pro-regime lobbies in the EU and the US is insidious. Certainly, the IRGC-linked propaganda machine wants to downplay the capability of IRGC in supporting terrorist groups with drones, missiles, nuclear weapons etc. The mullah regime’s dedication to Islamic terrorism as a tool of statecraft is overwhelming.

Most of the intelligence agencies around the globe know that the agents of IRGC control Iran’s entire system and are the globe’s leading architect of international terrorism. IRGC runs many commercial companies in Iran which are major parts of the Iranian economy. Moreover, the IRGC is a part of this Khomeinist mafia regime, which is an instrument for repression and massacre of the Iranian opponents internally.

The US is the first country to have recorded the IRGC as a FTO under its criminal code. The European Parliament has just called to blacklist it. In recent months, purportedly, the US is encouraging the consideration of the European Union and UK to designate the IRGC as a FTO, additionally isolating the mafia regime of criminal mullahs.

Geopolitically, such a crucial step would be interpreted as an unambiguous message to the criminal mullahs against their international terrorism.This is why the European Parliament overwhelmingly supports terror blacklisting for Iran’s IRGC.

Accordingly, including the IRGC on the EU’s list of terrorist organization will be a considerable step in increasing international security. Since the fall of JCPOA, the mullahs’ situation has deteriorated dramatically, and it goes without saying that, inside Iran there is no legitimacy for mullahs who are continuing vicious suppression on protesters with executions of young challengers.The Iranians will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, but they have a long way to go .

The EU and UK must join the branding of IRGC terrorists – the largest savage terrorist organization in the world – which is responsible for slaughtering hundreds of Americans, Israelis, and for triggering hundreds of terrorist cells in Europe, Africa, and Latin America and to the four corners of the earth. The entire world has to wake up and smell the coffee – and get the message.

Source: israelnationalnews