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Lebanese girl donates money to Hezbollah terrorist group for a Quran and a hijab

Lebanese girl donates money to Hezbollah terrorist group for a Quran and a hijab

April 5, 2019 » Kids Under Fire, Today News »


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A young Lebanese girl has donated money she saved to Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in exchange for a copy of the Quran and a hijab.

In a TV feature aired April 1 on Al-Jadeed/New TV in Lebanon, Hawra Nada can be seen counting money from her piggy bank to give to the terrorist organization.

“In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, Hassan Nasrallah, let me cut to the chase: take my money and get a missile,” the girl reads from a letter she has written to Nasrallah. “I want my mother to give me 25,000 Lebanese pounds. As soon as I get them, I will give them to you. I love you, Hassan Nasrallah.”

The girl tells reporters that she learned about Nasrallah from TV, including how he is “fighting the enemies” from TV.

“I say this to the Israelis: If you kill little children, Hassan Nasrallah will kill you,” Nada tells the camera.

“I would like to see you Hassan Nasrallah, so I could give you the money I saved. I dedicate my life – not only my money – to Hassan Nasrallah,” she continues.

The program then flashes forward and Nada, who had been dressed like a typical secular Muslim in the first clip, is now in full Muslim garb, including a bright blue hijab, which she said she received from Nasrallah.

She started wearing the hijab after the filming, when she received a copy of the Quran signed by Nasrallah at a special show at Al-Manar TV. Al-Manar surprised her and dressed her with the hijab, as well.

Source: JP