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Maxime Hauchard

Born: 17 March 1992;

Place of Birth: Normandy, France;

Nationality: France;


Hauchard, known as Abou Abdallah Al Faransi, traveled to Syria to join ISIL in August 2013.

He was identified among the ISIL fighters who appeared in the November 2014 execution video which depicted the beheadings of 18 Syrian soldiers and showed the severed head of an American hostage.

In the video, Hauchard is seen marching with other unmasked IS terrorists outside of a town identified as Dabeq in northern Syria. Each jihadi, clad in camouflage and black hat, escorts a Syrian captive to a death squad-style line up. Simultaneously, the jihadis, including Hauchard, undertake a graphic mass execution, depicted in slow motion shots.

In an interview for BFMTV, Hauchard, told: “My personal goal is martyrdom, obviously.”

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