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ISIS members destroy Catholic church in Philippines

ISIS members destroy Catholic church in Philippines

June 7, 2017 » Today News »


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A group of reported Islamic State terrorists destroyed a Catholic church in what appears to be the Philippines, according to footage released by the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency Sunday.

The video shows several members of the terrorist group entering the church and proceeding to destroy the various icons and vestments inside. They later pile up various pictures, texts and other religious paraphernalia near the altar and set them on fire before leaving the building. The video then cuts away to a shot outside, showing the church engulfed in flames and smoke.

The exact location of the church is unknown, however, it is likely that it occurred in the southern Philippines where government forces engaged with Abu Sayyaf and the Maute group last week. Both terrorist organizations are known to have ties to the Islamic State.

The firefight reportedly lasted for hours. Filipino security officials believe that the Maute Group and Abu Sayyaf were attempting to establish an Islamic caliphate in the southern portion of the country.

Source: Daily Caller