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August 14, 2018 » Today News »

Five female members of ISIS ‘morality police’ arrested in Mosul

Five female members of ISIS ‘morality police’ arrested in Mosul

The Interior Ministry of Iraq on Tuesday announced they had arrested five women in Mosul for working with the Islamic State (IS) during their reign in the country started in 2014, all of whom were working with the group’s infamous all-female “morality police.”

Among the women now in custody, one worked as a “biter” in IS’ prisons for women. She would “bite” women using an iron torture tool to punish those who violated the extremely conservative rules of the jihadist group in Mosul.

The ministry added the women were arrested by local Nineveh police forces who, “on the basis of accurate information,” confirmed the suspects had worked for IS and that their arrest was “based on Iraq’s anti-terrorism law.”

The five women reportedly pledged allegiance to the jihadist group through a Mufti known as Abu Ayoub, the statement continued.

“They worked for al-Hisbah,” as part of the all-female religious police operating under IS which surveilled people’s adherence to a strict moral code.

The Nineveh police caught the women in the district of Amn, located on the eastern side of Mosul, according to the statement.

The jihadist group emerged in June 2014 in the province of Nineveh and soon expanded to other surrounding Iraqi and Syrian areas.

Although Iraq, in December of last year, declared final victory against IS, the jihadist group continues to carry out insurgent-style attacks, ambushes, and kidnappings in various provinces, namely Kirkuk, Diyala, and Salahuddin.

It has been months since the group was militarily defeated in Mosul, but Iraqi security and intelligence forces continue to look for IS members who can infiltrate liberated areas, avoiding capture at Iraqi security checkpoints, and resume their work as sleeper cells.

Source: Kurdistan 24