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Mohamed Achamlane

July 26, 2019 Extremists

Born: 1977;

Place of Birth: Nantes, France;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: French;

Address: Unknown;

General Info:
Mohamed Achamlane, the self-proclaimed emir of Morocco, who was born in Nantes, France in 1977 and was the head of Forsane Alizza, had been arrested in 2012 and received a four-month suspended sentence for racial discrimination.

He had burned a copy of the French Civil Code in Limoges, had demonstrated against the arrest of a woman for wearing the hijab, and supported the Muslim individual in Nantes suspected of polygamy and family benefit fraud. Mr Achamlane has also used the name Abu Hamza, the uncle of the prophet Mohammed. It may also be a reference to Abu Hamza al-Masri, the radical former cleric at Finsbury Park mosque in London, who is serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for inciting racial hatred.

The objective of Achamlane is clear: he was preparing for attacks on people and places because of what he saw as the increasing “Islamophobia” in France. The end would be a Caliphate to be established in France and the implementation of sharia law.

In August 2011, Mohamed Achamlane burnt the French penal code during a demonstration against the ban on wearing the veil in public. He said the penal code did not contain anything to protect Muslims.

A Paris court convicted Mohamed Achamlane, self-proclaimed “emir” of the Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride) group, of terrorism charges. The French citizen was accused of plotting attacks, including targeting kosher markets and other Jewish businesses in Paris, abducting and torturing a Jewish judge in Lyon and threatening France, according to court documents.

Achamlane, 37, said he created Forsane Alizza in 2010 to counter growing anti-Muslim feelings in France and claimed a desire to ‘channel the energy’ of young Muslims and lead them away from violence.”

Achamlane also testified that he favoured an “uninhibited” Islam but denied any violent intent or “terrorist inspiration.”

The court cited another chat in which he said: “We are going to inflict scars to France… We’re going to slash up France.” In another, he compared himself with Osama bin Laden, according to court documents.

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