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GFATF - LLL - Mohammed Shakeel Yasin

Mohammed Shakeel Yasin

Born: 1972;

Place of Birth: Cleckheaton, United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Mohammed Shakeel Yasin from Cleckheaton (UK) has been sentenced to six years in prison for creating and sharing a video clips promoting a terrorist ideology.

He was found guilty of three counts of dissemination of terrorist publications at Leeds Crown Court.

Then he created footage of himself brandishing weapons and promoting extreme Islamist ideology, with the intention of encouraging acts of terrorism or helping with the preparation of a terrorist act.

He then shared the videos with others via social messaging platforms.

Yasin shared the videos on social media platforms including WhatsApp, which encrypts messages between contacts.

The clips were discovered on seized mobile phones during an investigation led by Counter Terrorism Policing North East.

Despite attempting to conceal his actions by deleting the footage, Yasin was charged in November 2020.

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