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More than 500 terrorists freed from prison in the past decade

More than 500 terrorists freed from prison in the past decade

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More than 500 terrorists have been released from prison in the past decade — and many live back on the same streets where they were radicalised.

A Sun on Sunday probe even found one freed jihadi, a pal of London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan, is living in the city where he wanted to plant bombs. Two other convicted terrorists were allowed to move in next door to one another.

More are set to be released within months.

Ian Acheson, commissioned by the Government to carry out an independent review of Islamic extremism, said: “Many offenders don’t get the help they need — or the supervision and support we need — to stop them being drawn back into terrorism.”

One in seven of the convicted terrorists released since 2010 had their sentences reduced or were freed via the Government’s early release system.

Mohammed Shahjahan, 34, jailed alongside double-murderer Khan, lives in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent — the city where he talked about wanting to leave bombs in pubs.

Anjem Choudary disciple Kazi Islam, 25 — jailed for plotting to kill soldiers — was freed after half of an eight-year term and went to live next door to his uncle, convicted terrorist Kazi Rahman, 43, in Manor Park, East London.

The terror think-tank, the Henry Jackson Society, says a new wave of convicted terrorists are due for release this year.

A spokesman said: “Terrorist prisoners are amongst the most dangerous in the prison system – that so many have been released, and walk among us, is alarming.”

The Ministry of Justice said: “We recently reviewed and extended the tough supervision of terrorists on licence, and our new counter-terror bill will keep them in jail for longer.”

Figures also indicate that while hundreds of terrorists are being allowed out the numbers being arrested and charged is falling.

Home Official stats, released before Christmas, also show Islamic extremism referrals to Prevent, the Government’s rehabilitation programme, are falling.

Ranting fanatics Shajjadar Choudhury, Munim Abdul, Yousaf Bashir, Ziaur Rahman, and Jalal Ahmed, first hit the headlines in 2010 after screaming “baby killers” at soldiers being welcomed at a home-coming parade.

It later emerged we were paying up to £50,000-a-year for the fanatics – all from Luton – to lay about all day.

In the decade that followed two ended up in prison.

Rahman, was jailed for two years in 2017 for hosting meetings where an undercover officer heard terrorism being advocated. Bashir was jailed for four years in relation to the same case.

Ahmed and Abdul both went on to receive ASBOs for public order offences. All five are now believed to be back living in Luton.

Source: The Sun