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Moroccan police forces arrested Islamic State-linked suspect in southern parts of Morocco

Moroccan police forces arrested Islamic State-linked suspect in southern parts of Morocco

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  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: morocco;

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) arrested an ISIS-linked extremist on Tuesday, November 12, in the city of Guelmim, southern Morocco.

According to the BCIJ statement, investigations revealed that the terror suspect is promoting ISIS extremist ideology through electronic apps to “serve the agenda of this terrorist organization.”

The suspect’s brother is an ISIS fighter, currently operating in Syrian Iraqi conflict zones, the statement added.

The BCIJ agents seized several electronic devices, mobile phones, and electrical cables during the operation.

Police put the suspect in custody for further investigation.

The arrest comes after the BCIJ arrested seven ISIS-linked terror suspects in several regions across Morocco, including Chefchaouen, Casablanca, Ouazzane, and Dar Bouazza, a coastal town near the city of Casablanca, on October 25.

The suspects were plotting dangerous terror attacks in sensitive areas to create fear and undermine Morocco’s internal security.

On October 27, the BCIJ also uncovered the location of the cell’s hideout in the region of Ouazzane in northern Morocco. The members of the cell were planning to lie low in the region after carrying out terror attacks across morocco.

The BCIJ has carried out several other crackdowns against terror cells throughout the year.

Morocco’s approach against terrorism is one of the most effective systems in the world, with several international powers recognizing the high-level strategy and efforts of the BCIJ to fight radicalization and extremism across Morocco.

Morocco introduced the BCIJ in 2015. The bureau has been monitoring security threats across the country and has also assisted foreign security agencies in combating terrorism.

The US State Department’s 2018 Country Report on Terrorism reiterated that Morocco has a “comprehensive” strategies to curb terrorism.

Source: Morocco World News