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March 16, 2017 » Today News »

Moroccan man living in Spain provided financial help for ISIS terrorists

Moroccan man living in Spain provided financial help for ISIS terrorists

The investigation was launched at the beginning of last year following suspicions that groups of people were consistently sending money to fighters in ISIS ranks in Syria.
According to the Ministry of Interior, the detainee, identified as “MEJ”, was arrested in July 2016 for the organized plot to send money to displaced fighters in Syrian-Iraqi conflict zones.

According to the statement, the suspects were able to send the funds to their destination using multiple identities and intermediaries, and they limited the transfer of funds to sums of money that did not arouse suspicions.

The operation was carried out under the direction of the Central Court of Instruction Number 1 and the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court, according to Spanish news outlet La Vanguardia. They collaborated with Europol, which dispatched a mobile unit in Spain to assist in the investigation.

“Both the final destination, outside of our country, and the intermediaries used to get the funds to their final recipients, makes international cooperation especially necessary in this case,” said the Ministry of interior.

The total number of suspected jihadists detained in Spain has reached 194 since the beginning of 2015, when the ministry raised its anti-terror alert level to four on a scale of five.

Morocco has taken the lead in fighting against terrorism, continually dismantling Islamic terror cells and imprisoning those planning terrorist attacks. The Kingdom is also using education to combat religious extremism. They have taken initiative to educate imams in moderate Islam schools to teach students acceptance of the various opinions and values people may hold.

On February 17,2017, the Moroccan criminal chamber responsible for terrorism affairs imprisoned 26 people for different terrorism charges.

Source: /Morocco World News

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