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Morocco arrests 2 suspects on terrorist financing charges

Morocco arrests 2 suspects on terrorist financing charges

September 23, 2019 » Today News »

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Morocco has arrested two suspects for financing terrorism and transferring funds to Moroccan fighters in Syria and Iraq, the Moroccan police said on Saturday in a statement.

The suspects are brothers and were arrested on Wednesday in the city of Meknes located 140 km southeast of capital Rabat.

Investigations have revealed that they have opened bank accounts to receive funds and transfer them to fighters in Iraq and Syria, said the statement.

One of the suspects was in touch with an Iraqi citizen, who had been arrested in Casablanca on Feb. 6 for involvement in similar suspicious financial activities, added the statement.

The operation is part of the Moroccan authorities’ efforts to pursue suspected funds and dry up sources of terrorist financing, according to the statement

Source: Xinhuanet