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Most terrorists are following identical prior to terror attacks

Most terrorists are following identical prior to terror attacks

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Most terrorists followed a similar modus operandi of temporarily staying in rented houses and isolating themselves from the neighborhood before launching attacks, North Sumatra Police Chief Insp. Gen. Pol. Agus Andrianto stated on late Friday.

By understanding the behavior of perpetrators, the police chief expected people to be more vigilant whenever they came across some strangers staying in their neighborhoods.

“The least we can do when we are suspicious of some strangers is to just report it to the local security officers,” Andrianto remarked after visiting the injured victims of the Medan terror attack at the hospital.

Andrianto believes that the fight against terrorism and extremism is not a sole responsibility of the police but the collective works of the people.

“Terrorism is not a religious act, as no religion had taught us (to attack each other),” he pointed out.

A suicide-bombing attempt, allegedly launched by a 24-year-male, identified by his initials as RMN, targeted the Medan Police HQ on Wednesday (Nov. 13). The terror attack resulted in four police officers and two civilians being injured, though no report was received of fatally-ill casualties.

Shortly after the incident, the police conducted a search of the suspect’s house and questioned his wife and her parents. The police officers seized some pieces of evidence, including two green baskets containing dozens of arrows, a pole, and some documents at the private residence of the accused.

The police are currently yet on the lookout for the unidentified cleric whose whereabouts elude all. The cleric was allegedly responsible for indoctrinating RMN for at least six months to turn him into an extremist.

Source: Tempo