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Moussa Elhassani

November 28, 2019 Extremists

Born: Unknown;

Place of Birth: Morocco;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Moroccan;

General Info:
Moussa Elhassani was a sniper who fought on the frontlines for the Islamic State terrorist group. He was killed by a drone strike in mid-2017.

Elhassani told CNN in April 2018 that she her husband, Moussa Elhassani, a Moroccan national she met and married in Indiana, had been planning to move to Morocco following a brief vacation in Hong Kong in 2014. But days later, Elhassai says she and her family were at the Turkish border with Syria on the edge of the so-called ISIS Caliphate.

Elhassani said that the family flew to Hong Kong to transfer money and then on to Turkey for what she thought was a romantic holiday. While there, her husband Moussa lavished her with gifts.

Elhassani said that she didn’t realize the travel route was a textbook example of evading law enforcement while trying to join ISIS. They eventually reached the Turkish border town of Sanliurfa, where things changed. According to Elhassani, her husband told her it was too dangerous to leave their hotel room.

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