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Muhammad Hadi ‘Abd-al-Rahman Fayhan Sharban Al-Anizi

Born: 26 May 1986;

Nationality: Kuwait;

Gender: Male;

Citizen: Kuwait;

Address: Kuwait;


Sharban is known terrorist facilitator and financier. He has provided extensive material and financial support for both al Qaeda and its arm in Syria.

Treasury traces Al-‘Anizi’s career back at least a decade to 2007, as he allegedly supported al Qaeda at the time.

Much of his work since 2014 has been in service of al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, formerly known as Al Nusrah Front. He has obtained passports for an AQ associate in Syria, provided medical supplies to an injured Syria-based AQ associate, and worked with an (Al Nusrah) associate to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to (Al Nusrah) members in Syria. He has also solicited donations for Al Nusrah members, sending approximately $20,000 to one of them in late 2015.

At some point in 2014, al-‘Anizi was appointed as AQ’s representative in Syria by AQ senior leadership.

Al-‘Anizi was connected to two other designated al Qaeda supporters, one of whom is his brother, Abdullah al-‘Anizi. Prior to 2014, al-‘Anizi provided his sibling with financial support that was used to fund terrorist operations.

In 2015, Al-‘Anizi sought assistance from AQ financier Sa’d al-Ka’bi to facilitate the travel of AQ-associated individuals. Al-Ka’bi has organized fundraising efforts for Al Nusrah in Qatar.

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