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GFATF - LLL - Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad Mansur

Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad Mansur

Born: September 14, 1970;

Country: Lebanon;

Nationality: Lebanese;

Known also as: Sami Hani Shihab; Salem Bassem Sami; Jamal Hani Hillawi; Muhammad Yusuf Mansur Sami Shihab; Mohammad Yousef Mansour; Mohammad Youssef Mansour; Muhammad Yusuf Mansur; Mohammad Yusuf Ahmad Mansur; Muhammad Yusif Ahmad Mansur; Sami Shehab; Sami Shihab; Hani Halawi


Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad Mansur (Mansur), a member of Hizballah since at least 1986, once served in a Hizballah military unit operating in south Lebanon. Around 2004, Mansur was transferred to Hizballah’s Unit 1800. Mansur was subsequently dispatched to Egypt to work with Unit 1800 under Muhammad Qabalan, and in 2008, the cell escalated its operations to target tourist destinations in Egypt. Mansur served as the Egypt-based cell leader. By early 2009, Egyptian authorities had disrupted the Hizballah cell and arrested and detained Mansur and dozens of other individuals for planning to carry out terrorist operations against Israeli and other tourists in Egypt. Hizballah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in November 2009 publicly acknowledged that Mansur was a Hizballah member involved in transporting arms and equipment to Palestinian militants. In April 2010, an Egyptian court sentenced Mansur to 15 years for his involvement in the cell, which was subordinate to Hizballah’s Unit 1800. However, in late January 2011, the imprisoned members of the Hizballah cell escaped and Mansur returned to Lebanon. In February 2011, Mansur appeared on Lebanese television with Hizballah officials at a Hizballah rally in Beirut.

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