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Muhannad Mushtaq Talib Zghayir Karhout Al-Rawi

Born: 26 December 1996;

Place of Birth: Al-Qa’im, Iraq;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Iraq;

National Foreign ID Number: 00167950 (Iraq);

E-mail: mohand.alrawii@gmail.com;

Phone Number: 9647821757598;

1. Baghdad, Iraq;
2. Samsun, Turkey;

Known also as: Muhannad Mushtaq Talib Zughayr al-Rawi; Mohanad M. Talib; Muhannad Mushtaq Talib; Muhanad Mushtaq Zughayar; Muhanad Mushtaq Talib Zughayar.


Mushtaq’s financial activity consisted of a cycle of monetary transactions that included his son Muhannad and three other financial facilitators.

When Mushtaq conducted transactions with a certain exchange company, he moved money from Turkey to Muhannad.

Muhannad then moved Mushtaq’s money to the exchange, which then transferred Mushtaq’s money to a gold exchange in the Gulf, earmarked for a specific gold seller.

As of September 2017, Muhannad moved from Baghdad, Iraq to Samsun, Turkey, to work with Mushtaq.

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