LLL - GFATF - Mukalla Port the Maritime terror gate

Mukalla Port – the Maritime terror gate

Country: Yemen;
Governorate: Hadramaut;
Website: www.portofmukalla.com;
Phone: 009675350741; 009675350740; 009675305560;
Fax: 009675303508;
E-mail: info@portofmukalla.com;
Founded in: 1035 (as a fishing settlement);

Mukalla is a seaport and the capital city of Yemen’s Hadhramaut governorate. The city is located in the southern part of Arabia on the Gulf of Aden, on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Terrorist Battle for Profit – How it all started:
On 2 April 2015, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) stormed the central prison, freeing hundreds of prisoners including two senior AQAP commanders. They attacked the central bank and seized 17 billion Yemeni riyals and 1 million U.S. dollars before taking control of the presidential palace in the city. It is reported the entire city is under their control and they plan to establish an Islamic emirate in the wider Hadramaut region. Also, on 15 May 2016, a suicide attack was carried out in the city by ISIL. This attack targeted a police base, killing at least 25 police recruits and wounding at least 54 others.

Terrorists Profit from Mukalla Port:
In April 2016, Yemeni government officials and local traders estimated that AQAP, has extorted $1.4 million from the national oil company and earned up to $2 million every day in taxes on goods and fuel coming into the port.

Regarding the civil war in Yemen, recent press reports described Mukalla port, as a port controlled by the AQAP. We monitored the arrivals to this port for two weeks in order to define the nature of the goods arriving there and also which are the companies- that probably assists AQAP in this war. We came across these findings:


NameIMOMMSICallsignFlagClassSub classLengthOwnerENTER
AMINA H8818893677047700*5IM577TanzaniaCargoGeneral cargo106TEK MANAGEMENT3/9/2017 20:45
BEST WAVE9115080355214000HOYVPanamaCargoBulk carrier169ORYX SHIPPING3/9/2017 8:49
BEST WAVE9115080355214000HOYVPanamaCargoBulk carrier169ORYX SHIPPING3/3/2017 2:30
BUSHRA_V8109058214180310ERCJMoldovaCargoGeneral cargo92Egyptians3/1/2017 13:26
DIAMOND SKY8921676511019000T8ZDPalauCargoGeneral cargo110SM LEADER3/14/2017 8:39
JAMILEH8511603511097000T8A2051PalauCargoGeneral cargo125Nereide Marine3/8/2017 6:01
MSC ELSA 39123221636016814A8NR5LiberiaCargoContainer ship184Mediterranean Shipping (MSC)3/6/2017 22:17
ORYX89091113579010003ETV7PanamaCargoBulk carrier174Chilena Del Pacifico3/14/2017 8:04
RAYSUT 178218793706820003FSZ8PanamaCargoCement carrier118Raysut Cement3/11/2017 11:11
RAYSUT 178218793706820003FSZ8PanamaCargoCement carrier118Raysut Cement3/2/2017 7:19
SANAD 17724538510447000*JYA35MicronesiaCargoRo-ro cargo134Naif Marine Services (PSC)3/12/2017 0:36
SANAD 17724538510447000*JYA35MicronesiaCargoRo-ro cargo134Naif Marine Services (PSC)3/9/2017 10:29
UBC CANADA95772642122970005BYX2CyprusCargoCement carrier132Intership Navigation3/13/2017 13:49

Cargo analysis:
Nature of the goods:
-5 vessels of general cargoes/ container;
-2 vessels of bulk (one of them – the Best Wave – conduct 2 voyages);
-2 vessels of cement – (one of them – Raysut 1 – conduct 2 voyages);
-1 vessel of ro-ro cargo (vehicles) – two voyages;


NameIMOFlagSub classOwnerCountryManagerCountry
AMINA H8818893TanzaniaGeneral cargoTEK MANAGEMENTPanamaTEK MANAGEMENTPanama
BEST WAVE9115080PanamaBulk carrierORYX SHIPPINGGreeceORYX SHIPPINGGreece
JAMILEH8511603PalauGeneral cargoNereide MarineGreeceNereide MarineGreece
MSC ELSA 39123221LiberiaContainer shipChartworld Shipping CorpGreeceMSC ShipmanagementCyprus
RAYSUT 17821879PanamaCement carrierRaysut CementOmanGREIG ShipmanagementUK
SANAD 17724538MicronesiaRo-ro cargoBin Nawi GroupUAEBIN NAWI MARINE SERVICESUAE
UBC CANADA9577264CyprusCement carrierIntership NavigationCyprusThalamar ShippingSwitzerland

Oil analysis:

NameIMOMMSICallsignFlagClassSub classOwnerSTOPPED
ATTAIR90369113517620003FALPanamaTankerOil products tankerGulf Energy LTD3/13/2017 20:34
GRETAK98003742497110009HA4346MaltaTankerSan Giorgio del Porto SpAK-Ships Srl2/20/2017 19:35

Oil analysis:
-One tanker (ATTAIR) enter to Mukalla port fully loaded in the past two weeks;
-The other tanker (GREATA K) entered Mukalla port by the end of February continued to Aden port and continued to Djibouti (current position) empty;

-The owner of the ATTAIR is Gulf Energy LTD (UAE) the operator is Emirate Shipping (UAE).
-The only vessel that called GRETA K and using the same MMSI has a different IMO – 9380568.

The owner is San Giorgio del Porto SpA (Italy) which own only that ship. The operator is K-Ships Srl (Italy) who operate only two ships one of them is that ship. Although, some recent reports told that ships bring humanitarian aid (medical equipment, food, toiletry items, sanitary products, etc.) to this port, we found that- it is all a lie!

Commodities have been shipped to Mukalla port from various origins, and some of them are very suspicious. Because, we spotted delivering of: vehicles, petrol, cement, etc. to this port.

So saying that humanitarian aid is arriving at this port, got us thinking:

“Does humanitarian aid includes petrol, cement and vehicles?”

“Why does humanitarian aid has to be shipped to an AQAP controlled port?”

“Why does some of the vessels disguise and conceal their movements and their identity?”

“Does Somalia, Djibouti, Turkey and Lebanon send humanitarian aid or weapons to Yemen? Or they send humanitarian aid (medical equipment, food, vehicles, etc.) to terrorists?”

What the world expects to happen, when it allows terrorists to earn millions?!