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Muslim Aid


Muslim Aid is a UK based Islamic charity NGO. It’s currently runned by former senior staff of the Muslim Council of Britain. It is a member of the Muslim Charities Forum.

Established in 1985 in response to the 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia, by 23 organisations based in Britain. Muslim Aid was launched in February 1989 by a committee led by Cat Stevens and members from the Muslim Council of Britain. Stevens served as chairman until his resignation in 1996. Shuaib Hussan became the next chairman. Mahmood al-Hassan became executive director in 1993. From 1995, Iqbal Sacranie was a trustee. The following year, conflicts in Afghanistan and Palestine and floods in Bangladesh saw Muslim Aid expand its emergency relief operations. Over the past 25 years Muslim Aid has grown from a small office in London to an international UK NGO, providing relief and development programmes in over 70 countries across the globe.

By 1989 Muslim Aid’s operations had expanded considerably and over £1 million of emergency aid had been distributed throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. As the charity grew, the scope of its work expanded.

Whilst continuing to carry on its commitment to emergency relief work Muslim Aid also began to implement long-term development programmes. Today, water, healthcare, shelter and construction programs.

Muslim Aid believes that in order to really help people, the causes, not just the symptoms of poverty must be addressed. By 1994 long-term development projects accounted for almost 50% of Muslim Aid’s relief activity. As well as helping people overcome crises Muslim Aid provides skills and resources to assist people to move forward to a better life. Muslim Aid works closely with the communities to deliver its programmes and remains committed to working in collaboration with all its beneficiaries to ensure that the solutions are not imposed from the outside. All solutions are culturally sensitive, practical and owned by the beneficiaries.

In April 2013, three men were convicted of planning terrorist attacks in UK. They raised funds by posing as Muslim Aid workers, but only a small amount of proceeds were given to the charity, the rest was used to fund their planned attacks.

They have field offices in 13 countries namely, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka. They help over 70 countries, most in Asia and Africa.

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