Muslim Brotherhood Financial Methods

A strategic tool, financing the activity of the movement, the da’awa system (recruitment, education, mosques, health centers, community centers etc.) and the fanatic brainwash, including the call for jihad.

Using an umbrella “legitimate” entities as a cover-up and as a financial booster vehicle:

-NGO (e.g. Qatar foundation)

-“Legitimate” worldwide businessman (e.g. Youssef Nada)

-Banks (e.g. QIB, Al-Ahli Bank)

-Officials (Qatar, Tunisia)

Using identified entities to collect/transfer money:

-Charity foundations (zakat)

-Cultural centers (including mosques)

-Islamic banks

-Sharia standards wings in western banks

-Tactical methods (money changers, Hawalla, Off-set systems, couriers, bank transfers)