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Muslim man attacked and assaulted by Islamists for attending Christmas lunch

Muslim man attacked and assaulted by Islamists for attending Christmas lunch

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A bunch of Islamist radicals attacked a fellow Muslim for posting photos online of a Christmas party he had attended. The incident occurred in the northeastern city of Belfort, France, where a 20-year-old man was assaulted by Islamists for participating in a Christmas party, a report published on said.

Soon after the victim uploaded photos of Christmas party he had attended, he was threatened by an acquaintance, an Islamist fundamentalist, who was reportedly angry about the man attending non-Muslim festivities. The 20-year-old victim is the son of law enforcement officers.

The acquaintance reportedly rebuked the 20-year-old victim as a “dirty son of a white, son of a snake, son of police” and vowed to show him what a “real Arab” should be. Even though the tone of the conversation was rather belligerent, the young man still agreed to meet his accuser in-person to sort out their differences.

As per the RT report, the incensed man showed up with four other men, who beat up the 20-year-old man and threatened him with dire consequences if he reported the violence to the police. Despite the threat dished out to him, the young man lodged a complaint against his assaulters and his mother has promised to bring the culprits to book. “He walked right into an ambush”, she said as quoted by the local media.

With France already reeling from an extremist Islamism, the incident did not escape the notice of top French officials, prompting many to condemn the violence and reaffirm their commitment to continue fighting the Islamic “separatism”.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin confirmed that the attack had taken place and informed that a probe has been launched in this regard. He denounced the anti-police sentiments apparently exhibited by the suspects and called Islamist “separatism” unacceptable.

He also took to Twitter to condemn the violence meted out on the 20-year-old for merely attending a Christmas party and sharing pictures of the same on his social media. “In Belfort, a young man was assaulted because he celebrated Christmas and was not a ‘good Arab’. ‘Aggravating’ circumstance: being the son of police officers,” the minister wrote on Twitter late on Saturday.

The victim, a 20-year-old man, is reportedly the son of a Muslim mother of Arab origin. His step-father is a non-Muslim man. Both his parents are law enforcement officers. The man had shared photographs of a Christmas lunch he had enjoyed with family members.

France is recently grappling with a bout of terror attacks by Islamist radicals, including the gruesome beheading of the teacher outside Paris. Samuel Paty, the teacher who was decapitated by the rabid Islamists, had shown his class the infamous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad published by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Following Paty’s beheading, another attack rocked France in which three people had died, of which at least two were reportedly beheaded in a terrorist attack at Notre Dame Church in Nice. As per local French media, the Islamic terrorists who carried out the attack frenziedly kept shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ while carrying out the attack.

In the aftermath of Samuel Paty’s beheading, French authorities launched a severe crackdown against extremist Islamists across the country, closing down mosques considered as centres of indoctrination and deporting individuals with suspicious credentials. French President Emmanuel Macron also took a hardline against the menace of Islamism bedevilling France and Europe which triggered outrage from several Muslim-majority nations.

Source: Op India