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Nejaat Social Welfare Organization

1. House Number 1297, Lot Number 2, Sub-District number 2, Narang Bagh Area, Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan;
2. Police District 12, Kabul City, Kabul Province, Afghanistan;
3. Jalalabad City, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan;

Known also as: Nejat-e Ejtimayee.


Nejaat was used as a cover company to facilitate the transfer of funds and support the activities of ISIS-Khorasan.

In late 2016, Afghan leaders of ISIS-K held planning meetings under the cover of a Salafi solidarity meeting sponsored by Nejaat. Executive members of Nejaat and prominent Salafi leaders in Afghanistan led the meeting, some of whom were financial supporters of Nejaat. Rohullah Wakil, was one of the executive members of Nejaat who co-led the meeting.

In mid-2016, an ISIS-K facilitator managed a non-governmental organization called Nejaat. An ISIS-K recruiter worked at Nejaat and recruited ISIS-K fighters in Kabul and arranged for their travel to Nangarhar Province.

Nejaat collected donations on behalf of ISIS-K from individuals in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries. Money was then transferred from the Gulf to Asia-via the banking system-where an ISIS-K coordinator would collect the transferred funds. Nejaat’s offices in Kabul and Jalalabad distributed the funds to ISIS-K commanders.

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