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Pakistan plots Lashkar-e-Taiba and Islamic State attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan

Pakistan plots Lashkar-e-Taiba and Islamic State attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan

December 24, 2019 » Today News » / /


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 Affected Countries: pakistan; india; afghanistan;

Pakistan’s ISI is forging a partnership between LeT and Islamic State to carry out car bomb suicide attacks on Indian missions in Afghanistan, according to a recent intelligence report.

The Islamic State in Khorasan Province known as ISKP, the group’s Afghanistan arm, is active in the Af-Pak region and is said to have recruited some Indians. The ISI has given LeT the responsibility to partner with the IS to plot the attacks.

The report names one Saifullah a native of Lahore who is coordinating between the LeT and ISKP for the attack.

Matin Mauvia, ISKP commander in Kabul has been tasked to carry out the attack.

Inputs suggest that five suicide bombers have received training to carry out the suicide bombing.

Last year 40 CRPF soldiers were killed in a car suicide bomber in Pulwama when an explosives-laden vehicle got into the convoy and rammed into one of the vehicles.

According to the terror plot that Indian agencies have got a whiff of on the target in the Indian Embassy in Kabul along with consulates in Jalalabad and Herat.

Also under threat are Indians working in infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, according to the report.

Back in 2008, a suicide car bomb outside the Indian embassy in Kabul had killed over 40 people. Since then the Indian missions have been targeted many times.

Source: India Times