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Pakistani police arrested three terrorists in East Pakistan

Pakistani police arrested three terrorists in East Pakistan

June 25, 2019 » Today News »

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Police arrested three terrorists during a raid at their hideout in Gujranwala district of Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province on Tuesday, local media reported.

The raid was conducted by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Police, which also recovered arms and ammunition from the militants’ custody, the reports said.

The militants are said to be associated with a proscribed organization and were involved in several terrorist activities and in acts to deteriorate law and order situation in the country.

It was the second arrest of the terrorists by the CTD in Gujranwala during the last four months. Earlier in March, police arrested two terrorists during a search operation in the district.

Gujranwala is a peaceful district with no major incident of terrorism during the recent years, but police believe that some sleeper cells of the terrorists exist in the area due to which they keep vigilant and carry out raids in suspected areas.

Pakistani security forces have intensified operation against militants recently after several bomb attacks at the security personnel in the northwest region of the country during the last two months.

Over 10 militants have been killed and arrested during various search operations in different areas of the country over the last week. Earlier on Sunday night, three al-Qaida militants were killed during an armed encounter with police in the country’s southern port city of Karachi.

Source: Xinhuanet