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September 29, 2020 » Today News »

Pakistanis celebrate terrorist who had stabbed four people near Charlie Hebdo office in Paris

Pakistanis celebrate terrorist who had stabbed four people near Charlie Hebdo office in Paris


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On Friday, an 18-year-old Pakistani terrorist named Ali Hassan aka Zaheer Hassan Mehmood stabbed four people with a meat cleaver near the former offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo near the Richard Lenoir Metro Station in Paris. Two people were critically injured in the attack. Hassan, who hails from Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province of Pakistan, was eventually nabbed by the Paris Police Department.

In Pakistan, however, there are many social media handles and YouTube channels who are hailing Hassan as a hero. A Pakistani channel named Naya Pakistan has shared a video that shows the now-viral clip of teh terrorist, who claims to be hurt and anguished over Charlie Hebdo’s decision to republish the caricatures of Prophet Mohammad. The radical Islamist is seen reciting Islamic verses and said in the video, “If I’m sounding emotional, let me explain: here, in France, the caricatures of the Prophet are being made. I am going to do (an act of) resistance today, Sept. 25“

In the video, the channel’s reporter begins by profusely congratulating the father of the arrested terrorist, saying that he was chosen by ‘Allah’ to stab people.

The terrorist’s family also seems to be ‘proud’ that their son stabbed civillians beause he was apparently ‘hurt’ by the cartoons. Expressing pride over his son’s ‘brave’ act, Hassan’s father stated, “I am very happy at hear. To save the Honour of our prophet, I am ready to sacrifice my life and the lives of all my 5 sons. “

In the video, the channel’s reporter is seen encouraging the father. He asserts that there are Pakisanis who are ‘proud’ of the terrorist. The father replied, “My son has the heart of steel.” He stated that his wife too approved of his son’s actions. He also revealed that Hassan was inspired by Sunni Muslim cleric Ilyas Qadri and would read Namaaz five times a day.

The father says that the terrorist had called his family before the attack and had claimed that he had been ‘chosen’ to do the Prophet’s work. The reporter is seen further insisting that the whole world is ‘praising’ Hassan’s deeds.

He was then heard chanting slogans such as,’ Rasool ke ghulam hai‘ (We are slaves of the Prophet) and ‘Ghulamiya rasool mein maut bhi kubool hai‘ (In the slavery of the Prophet, I am ready to sacrifice my life).

As expected, radical Islamists from Pakistan expressed their glee over Hassan’s actions to avenge the dishonour of Prophet Mohammed. One Twitter user (@BloSSomHeaRts2) wrote, “Alhamdulillah, Zaheer Hassan Mehmood,a young man from Punjab province and Mandi Bahauddin stabbed four people in the office of a dog publishing blasphemous sketches in France, injuring four people. Separate the head from the body Long live the crowned end of Prophecy Amin.”

Another Pakistani approved of the terror attack and stated, “Well done. It’s called Emaani Jazba (Well done. This is the spirit of strong Faith.)”

Charlie Hebdo had decided to republish the cartoons on prophet Mohammed that led to the terrorist attack against them in 2015. Their decision to republish the cartoons had triggered widespread protests across the Muslim world and renewed calls for violence.

Source: OP India