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GFATF - LLL - Patrick Kabele

Patrick Kabele

March 19, 2020 Extremists

Born: 1986;

Place of Birth: Uganda;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Partick Kabele is a Muslim convert who tried to join the Islamic State is facing jail after police discovered a diary in which he said he wanted to buy a nine-year-old slave girl.

He is a scaffolder from Willesden, North London, was found guilty by a majority of ten to two at Woolwich Crown Court.

The jury at Woolwich Crown Court was not aware that Kabele had expressed violent sentiments towards women, writing in one entry about ‘seeding some women over here, UK white.’

Kabele, who also used the name Abdullah, was stopped as he tried to board a Pegasus Airlines flight from Gatwick to Istanbul, Turkey on August 20 with £3,000 in cash.

Terrorist ideology:
In the diary, which was found on his phone as he tried to leave the country, Kabele said he had a ‘death wish’ and wanted to die young. He also wrote about practising martial arts choke holds and sword-play.

Two days before his planned departure last August, Kabele wrote: ‘1500hrs, u better be at the airport ready to fly. Its happening am sticking to my plans regardless. Be smart out there.’

He said he was ‘keeping the hijrah/jihad dua’ – a reference to prayers about moving to an Islamic country and fighting jihad.

‘I’ll never marry in darl kufar (land of disbelief),’ Kabele added. ‘Its not right so i wont do it, in anycase its not like am a virgin whos never been inside a woman.

‘If i ever marry again its gotta be a virgin 9yrs old as what i would want. The younger & experienced the better.

‘I wouldnt rule out a matron to protect my self from the sun till i have the funds for a young virgin. I dont kiss anymore.’

In another entry, he wrote: ‘If i ever possess slaves i wont free them except maybe on my death bed fisabillah. With priority given to those who become muslim first.’

‘To be great in this world u have to put ur life on the line,’ Kabele added on July 15 last year. ‘Lets play the game of thrones & make paradise at the end of it.’

In August 5, Kabele wrote: ‘I want to fight on the frontline where there’s the heaviest gunfire/thickest action, I got a death wish but not by my own hand.’

Kabele was born in Uganda and became a British citizen but told police after his arrest that he did not ‘owe an oath of allegiance’ to the country.

In the entries on his phone, beginning in November 2015, he wrote that he wanted to ‘de-clutter’ his life before ‘making hijrah’ – emigrating to a Muslim country.

He settled a tax bill, paid off his student loan, cancelled his gym membership and repaid his sister £1,100 for a holiday he cancelled.

On December 10 2015, Kabele wrote: ‘Islam was strong in medival times and will be strong again when this globalisation c**p falls and we return to medieval times again and we will return to those times.’

Giving evidence, Kabele said slaves were allowed in Islam, explaining: ‘In our religion, Islam, it’s ok to have slaves. The Prophet had slaves, so I’m talking if I ever possess slaves.

‘I’m saying slaves is connected to the religion, it’s an integral part of our religion.’

Kabele was found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by trying to get to Syria. The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

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