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ISIS planned to target Shia shrines in India

ISIS planned to target Shia shrines in India

March 28, 2017 » Today News »

The interrogation of Syed Mir Hussain, one of the members of the module busted in Uttar Pradesh has revealed that a plan was hatched to carry out a blast at the Waris Ali Shah dargah. The module members had also planned on murdering a leading Shia cleric in UP, investigations further revealed.
Mir Hussain told the NIA that the plan had been hatched, but owing to heavy security arrangements, they had to postpone the plot. He said that he and the rest of the members had visited several places which had a dominant Shia population. “We wanted to target these places and create fear in the minds of the Shias,” he told the NIA.

He also said that after the blasts they wanted to propagate the Sharia law and also implement it. “We held several meetings in this regard. We wanted not just to carry out blasts, but also murders of leading Shia leaders and clerics,” he told interrogators.

The plan is in sync with what the ISIS terrorists have been propagating in both Syria and Iraq. The ISIS terrorists have directed its leaders to strike at Shia targets and implement the Sharia law. The birth of the ISIS terrorists are directly linked to the fight against the Shias across the world.

Muslim leaders around the world, including 70,000 clerics in India, have issued a fatwa against terrorist groups including ISIS, warning that any support for the group contradicts Islamic teachings.

Source: /Abna24