Pro-ISIS group posts ominous message showing Long Island cricket stadium set to host World Cup

Pro-ISIS group posts ominous message showing Long Island cricket stadium set to host World Cup

Authorities plan to ramp up police presence at cricket watch parties and the FBI’s Nassau County office will work on security with NYPD and other local law enforcement partners leading up to next month’s ICC World Cup 2024 after a pro-ISIS outlet posted a graphic featuring host venue Eisenhower Stadium and an ominous message, a senior law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said Tuesday.

The image purportedly included the new 34,000-seater venue, which is about 25 miles east of New York City, and drones flying, with text indicating, “You wait for matches and we wait for you.” It mentioned June 9.

The senior law enforcement official says there’s no evidence of any plot specifically targeting the World Cup (qualifying action soon to get underway) or a specific game on June 9. The ISIS symbolism was notable, the official said.

According to the senior law enforcement official, the intelligence assessment is that ISIS hopes for violence, and hopes it can incite someone to do something by circulating its propaganda. The terror group is known for using chaos to fuel its sinister efforts across the globe. Maybe someone will feel moved to attack, they hope, the official said.

“The worst threats are the ones you don’t see coming,” said former Homeland Security Advisor Michael Balboni. He believes the non-specific threat is meant to stir up chaos and get their followers to act.

A large crowd is expected at the Nassau County stadium through the duration of the tournament, particularly for the June 9 game. That one’s a major rivalry — India vs. Pakistan — and not only is a big crowd is expected to watch in person, but a billion people could tune in worldwide. The official says the fact that ISIS is calling out the World Cup as an event means law enforcement should plan accordingly.

Nassau County police declined to comment on Tuesday. County officials are expected to hold a security briefing Wednesday listing road closures and safety procedures during the World Cup.

Some of those who have already purchased tickets, which are now selling for several thousand dollars, said they aren’t going to let the threat stop them from participating.

“Nothing is going to prevent me from coming to cricket. That’s my life now,” said Al Ahmed, who flew from Guyana to watch the matches.

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