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ISIS propaganda video shows predator-like drone dropping bombs

ISIS propaganda video shows predator-like drone dropping bombs

January 24, 2017 » Today News »


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A propaganda video from the Islamic State (ISIS) shows a drone similar to the United States military’s predator drone dropping what appear to be bombs.
London’s Daily Mirror posted the 47-second clip, which shows ISIS fighters firing rifles, grenade launchers, and other weapons at opposition forces. Apparent suicide bombers are also seen preparing to drive vehicle-borne bombs toward targets, and large explosions are filmed from above.

At the end of the video, a drone with a large wingspan can be seen flying across a battlefield as it drops something, presumably an explosive device.

If the drone in the video does belong to ISIS, it would mark the first time the terror group has used a predator-style drone. Up to this point, the ISIS drone arsenal was believed to be limited to commercially available drones like those that ordinary citizens use — except they were rigged to hold and release explosive devices like hand grenades.

ISIS has used drones in the battle over Mosul, Iraq, which has been ongoing since October.

Suspect U.S. drone strikes over the weekend killed al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen’s southwestern Bayda province, the first use of military drones under President Donald Trump.

Source: /Newsmax