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ISIS propaganda machine left fuming as ‘fake’ versions of jihadi magazines shared online

ISIS propaganda machine left fuming as ‘fake’ versions of jihadi magazines shared online

Infamous Al-Hayat media centre went into meltdown when ‘fake’ issues of ISIS’ monthly magazine ‘Rumiyah’ begun being distributed online.
The March issue of Rumiyah was released in ten different languages, but as soon as jihadi fan boys began searching for the extremist material, a fake began doing the rounds.

Social media users mocked the panic from the depraved killers.

Another said: “Ironic that ISIS has a problem with fake Rumiyah but not with having a fake Caliph.”

One person added: “Seems like we got a new pack of fake Rumiyah issue, funny things, few articles from fake one for sure will be in real one.”

However, the real issue has been pushed out in force by jihadis and ISIS sympathisers across the globe in German, English, Russian and Arabic, among other languages.

Issue seven of Rumiyah magazine – entitled “Establishing the Islamic State: Between the prophetic methodology and the paths of the deviants”

The issue featured articles taking aim at Syrian, Russian and coalition forces which recently forced them out of al-Bab.

Al-Bab, a city in the Aleppo district of Syria was stormed by Turkish troops under Operation Euphrates Shieldand coalition forces.

Turkey lost men in the fiercer gunfire which ensued with Islamic State jihadis – but the city was liberated in February.

The writers behind Rumiyah focus on the death of innocent children, rather than the defeat.

The jihadis shamelesley heap praise on themselves, for lasting three months before fleeing to the hills.

They wrote: “The city of Bab and its surrounding areas, which the murtaddin of ‘The Euphrates Shield’ were unable to breach for more than 100 days, suffered destruction the likes of which no other city in Sham has faced at the hands of the Rafidah and Nusayriyyah.

Turkish troop were accused of being non-Islamic, despite being a majority Muslim country, after the Government of Turkey said it would now strike the heart of the so-called Caliphate – Raqqa.

Turkish troops are labelled ‘apostate’. Attacks and ‘covert operations’ were listed and praised in the sick monthly mag.

Suicide bombers who took lives in Baghdad, Solamia, Turkey and the Philippines were lorded by the Rumiyah.

Source: /Express

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