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Al-Rahmah Welfare Organization

1. House A, Street 40., Sector F-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan;
2. RWO Head Office, House B, Street 40, Sector F-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan;
3. Jamiah Asma Lil Banaat, New Nadra Office, Lakki Marwat, Pakistan;
4. Near the Mahdi Imami Bohamri Mosque, Sam Kano Moor, Peshawar, Pakistan;
5. Peshawar, Pakistan;

Registered Charity No.: 2150/5/4129 (Pakistan); alt. 49/5/4129 (Pakistan);

Phone: 0300-8564786; 051-2107661;

Email: info@ar-rahmahwelfare.org;

Website: www.ar-rahmahwelfare.org;


On this website (www.ar-rahmahwelfare.org) there is information of RWO’s connections to: Salam Foundation, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan Foundation, King Abdullah’s Relief Campaign for Pakistani People, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Welfare and Development Organization Pakistan, Qatar Charity and International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO).

Designated for being controlled by James Alexander McLintock known as Yaqoob Mansoor Al-Rashidi. RWO has provided funding to extremists for jihad under the false guise of helping orphans.

Since 2010, McLintock used RWO and the cover of providing stipends to Afghan orphans to finance the Taliban’s militant activities in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

Since May 2012, McLintock has provided support to the Taliban by using RWO and his other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive large amounts of money from British donors who were not aware of the NGOs’ Taliban ties. According to publicly available information, between April 2011 and April 2012 RWO received the equivalent of approximately $180,000 from donors in the United Kingdom. RWO has also received financial support from charities in the Persian Gulf and the United Kingdom.

As of early 2013, McLintock recruited Afghan insurgents to obtain photos of children, Afghan identity documents, and cell phone numbers to create falsified dossiers used to obtain donations for RWO, which were funneled to support al-Qaeda.

He also used RWO as a front for both financing the activities of Afghan Salafist insurgents and helping to train them in the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices.

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