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Abd-al-Rahman Ali Husayn al-Ahmad Al-Rawi

Born: 1983;

Place of Birth: Albu Kamal, Dayr az Zawr Province, Syria;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Syria;

Phone Number: 905515983567; alt. 9647718635788; alt. 96351667406; alt. 9647715959705;

Address: Turkey;

Known also as: Abdulrahman Al Rawi; Abd-al-Rahman Al-Rawi; Abdul Rahman Al-Rawi; Abu Abd Al Rahman Al-Rawi.

He and Umar Talib Zughayr al-Rawi, were selected to manage the financial affairs for ISIS’s so-called province, or Wilayah, of al-Furat after the death in a Coalition airstrike in 2017 of Fawaz Muhammad Jubayr al-Rawi, who was a Syrian terrorist financial facilitator who moved millions of dollars for ISIS’s attack and logistics networks. Umar, Abd al-Rahman, and Mushtaq Talib Zughayr al-Rawi were all business partners with Fawaz. An exploitation of financial records associated with Mushtaq revealed a history of direct money transfers to support ISIS provincial leaders through Al-Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company.

From the designation:

As of September 2018, both Istanbul, Turkey-based Syrian national Abd-al­Rahman and an Idlib Province, Syria-based Syrian hawaladar had allegedly established a secret partnership with two Syria-based Iraqi brothers to facilitate financial transfers into Syria on behalf of ISIS via hawala networks. Both the Syria-based hawaladar and Abd-al-Rahman conducted a large volume of legitimate business through their companies. However, they also moved money for ISIS in secret.

As of late 2017, a Turkey-based merchant, who was one of the primary ISIS financial facilitators in Syria, maintained a business partnership with ISIS financier Abd-al-Rahman. Abd-al-Rahman was one of a few individuals who provided ISIS significant financial facilitation into and out of Syria. Abd-al-Rahman instructed ISIS fighters seeking to move large sums of money out of Syria to deposit the money with an office in Syria. Furthermore, when individuals wanted to send money from Turkey to ISIS members in Syria, the instructions involved Abd-al­Rahman’s.

Abd-al-Rahman had a hard-currency liquidity of several million dollars in Syria. He served as ISIS’s general financial manager, and prior to his relocation to Turkey, he traveled around Syria on behalf of the group. As of late October 2017, Abd-al-Rahman allegedly continued conducting financial transactions on behalf of ISIS. As of mid-November 2017, Abd-al­Rahman maintained a close and continuing partnership with an unidentified merchant, moving large sums of money on behalf of ISIS. Abd-al-Rahman was so influential within ISIS that he had the capacity to reduce a death sentence into a short prison term.

As of late 2017, Abd-al-Rahman and his business partner and cousin, Umar, had been selected to manage financial affairs for ISIS’s Wilayah al-Furat following the death of Fawaz al-Rawi. As of late 2017, both Abd-al-Rahman and Umar, who had been partners in a currency exchange company in al-Qa’im, Anbar Province, Iraq, with Fawaz al-Rawi, had formally accepted their appointments. Abd-al-Rahman was responsible for external ISIS money transfer originating from and destined to foreign countries.

Abd-al-Rahman entered into a secret business relationship with a Turkey-based individual who specialized in conducting large-sum hawala transfers from the Gulf, including funds intended for ISIS. This individual facilitated a $250,000 hawala transfer to Abd-al-Rahman.

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