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French court rejects ISIS nationals demands for repatriation from Syria

French court rejects ISIS nationals demands for repatriation from Syria

April 23, 2019 » Today News »


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A French court has rejected repatriation demands from its nationals in Syria who are accused of membership in the so-called Islamic State.

France’s top administrative court, Conseil d’Etat or the Council of State, said in a court statement on Tuesday that it “rejects the demands for repatriation made by French nationals and for their children, currently in Syria,” Reuters reported.

The court statement argued that a judge was unable to rule on the matter because it involved “negotiations with foreign authorities.”

Tens of thousands of militants and their wives and children remain in Syrian Democratic Forces) SDF custody after the Kurdish-led group military defeated the Islamic State on March 23.

The US-backed forces have called on nations to alleviate their burden and take back their citizens, and even called for the establishment of an international court in Syria to try the prisoners.

In March, France said it would support the prosecution of Islamic State fighters in custody in Syria and Iraq, but called the international tribunal a “complex operation.”

In Iraq, the French government has cooperated with Baghdad as it continues to hold trials for dozens of foreign Islamic State fighters.

So far, European states have been reluctant to bring back Islamic State fighters or women accused of membership in the extremist group and their children who are stuck in Syria.

Many EU countries fear that due to the lack of evidence, Islamic State supporters could be quickly released once they appear in court after returning home.

In February, France ignored repeated calls by the United States to repatriate citizens who joined the militant group in Syria, and instead said it would deal with the fighters and women accused of membership on a “case-by-case” basis.

Source: Kurdistan 24