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ISIS roadside bombs target US convoy in Syria

ISIS roadside bombs target US convoy in Syria

July 5, 2018 » Today News »

Reports out of eastern Syria say that a US military convoy was targeted by a pair of ISIS roadside bombs in the town of al-Namilyah south of al-Suwar, in Deir Ezzor Province. The Pentagon has not commented on the incident, nor confirmed that it even happened.

ISIS issued their own statement, claiming responsibility for the attack. They said that two US soldiers were killed in the incident. Again, this is not confirmed, and there is no official report on casualties or the incident.

Other reports out of the area had a much more moderate toll from the incident, saying that a single vehicle in the convoy was damaged, and two people were wounded. They did not say if they were troops, or US-backed rebels, or someone else.

What remains of ISIS forces in Syria are centered in Deir Ezzor Province, mostly in the desert. The fighters will occasionally attack soft targets, but generally don’t stick around for direct fighting.

Source: antiwar