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Russian air force pounds terrorists positions in southern Syria

Russian air force pounds terrorists positions in southern Syria

July 20, 2018 » Today News »

The Russian Air Force carried out a number of combat flights over ISIL’s strongholds in Southwestern Dara’a in Friday.

According to a military report from the government stronghold of Izraa, the Russian Air Force launched more than 20 airstrikes over Southwestern Dara’a today, targeting the large pocket belonging to the ISIL-affiliate “Jeish Khalid bin Walid” near the Jordanian border.

The report specified that a majority of the airstrikes targeted the ISIL-held towns of Jaleen, Adwan and Tasil, which are close to the Syrian Army troops’ front-lines.

In addition to the Russian airstrikes, the Syrian army unleashed a large number of surface-to-surface missiles on ISIL’s positions in the Yarmouk Basin region of Dara’a.

This powerful air attack comes as the Syrian army prepares to launch a major offensive to purge the ISIL’s large pocket in Southwestern Dara’a.

The Arabic website of SANA news agency reported on Thursday that the terrorist groups in Quneitra reached an agreement with the Syrian army to grant amnesty to those who surrender and allow others to leave the region for Idlib.

It added that based on the agreement, the Syrian army will be deployed in regions that it lost in 2011 once again.

Sources affiliated to the dissidents also reported that the terrorists in Quneitra reached the agreement with the army through Russian mediation.

The Syrian army’s full control over the strategic regions in Quneitra and the extensive support of residents of these regions for the army started after the terrorists’ defense lines in Dara’a and parts of Quneitra collapsed completely.

Source: Farsnews