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GFATF - LLL - Sahayb Abu

Sahayb Abu

February 10, 2021 Extremists

Born: 1994;

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Sahayb Abu from Dagenham, Essex, is a man who planned an Islamic State-inspired terror attack made a rap recording in which he stated “I’ll be sending bombs and you’ll be getting smoked”.

Abu was part of an extremist chat group on the encrypted Telegram app which already contained an undercover police officer, where participants posted messages that actively displayed support for Islamic State and shared footage of beheadings, explosions and atrocities.

He bought a sword, a knife, a combat vest, and a balaclava after chatting to his older sibling on iMessage about their fervent belief in Islamic State.

Sahayb told police he was an online ‘troll’ mocking drill rappers who often wield weapons during their music videos. His brother Muhamed Abu, denies knowing what Sahayb was planning and failing to report him to the police.

The brothers had extremist views and violent mindsets and that they supported the beliefs, the aims and methods of Islamic State.

During the three months before his arrest, Sahayb Abu allegedly made 110 searches for Islamic State. Last June, he also searched the internet for embassies, including the US, Russian and Israeli embassies in London.

He also looked up the date of the Manchester Arena bombing.

On June 17 last year, Muhamed Abu rapped: ‘Let’s get merky, let’s get hurty, I’ve got bombs that are just worthy…’ Mr McGuinness said ‘merky’ is slang for killing or injuring someone.

A minute later, Sahayb Abu rapped: ‘Got my under armour on, cos I gotta stay strong… I’ll be sending bombs and you’ll be getting smoked… and you’re just like an ant and you’ll be getting crushed under my boot…’

On June 28, Sahayb Abu posted a recording of himself singing: ‘No matter the way the wind blows, I will always be down with my bros, I will always be ready to eliminate the foes…’

On June 30, Sahayb allegedly sent Muhamed three videos of himself wearing a hat, balaclava and face covering.

On July 5, Sahayb sent a further rap about Fusilier Lee Rigby, the off-duty soldier who was murdered in May 2013, the jury was told. In it, he referred to ‘many Lee Rigby’s heads rolling on the ground’.

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