Second blast reported at the Baron Hotel area near the Kabul airport

Second blast reported at the Baron Hotel area near the Kabul airport

A second blast has been reported at the Baron Hotel area near Kabul airport following a major explosion as military evacuation continues. At least 13 people have reportedly been killed in the apparent suicide attack.

Shortly before, France’s Ambassador to Afghanistan warned civilians to “take cover” away from the gates to the Kabul airport, saying a second explosion may be imminent after confirmed reports of a major blast as military evacuation continues.

Ambassador David Martinon tweeted an “urgent” warning to “all our Afghan friends” on Thursday, warning that a “second explosion is possible.” US officials have said the first blast was likely the work of a suicide bomber outside the airport.

US Department of Defense Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed the first blast near the Abbey Gate of the airport, saying it resulted “in an unknown number of casualties.”

A Taliban spokesperson told Reuters the blast killed at least 13, including children and Taliban guards.

The scene at Hamid Karzai International Airport was already chaotic before the explosion, as thousands of Afghans, Americans and others seek safe passage out of the country before the August 31st deadline.

Intelligence reports had surfaced earlier this week warning of “imminent” terrorist attacks on the Kabul airport by ISIS-K — an Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan.

Source: Right Wire Report