Afghan Security Forces Kill ISIS Commander in Eastern Afghanistan

Afghan Security Forces Kill ISIS Commander in Eastern Afghanistan

Afghan security forces claim to have killed a senior ISIS commander along with his accomplice in eastern Nangarhar province on Thursday, state-run Bakhtar news agency reported.

The killed ISIS commander’s name is said to be ‘Turab’ who was killed during a special operation conducted by the Taliban security forces.

The operation was conducted on Wednesday evening in Wuch Tangi village of Shiwa district in eastern Nangarhar province, according to Taliban’s provincial officials reported by Bakhtar news agency.

In order to tackle the threats of ISIS fighters, the Taliban security forces randomly conduct special operations in areas where insurgents are believed to have hideouts.

Since the return of the Taliban to power in August 2021, ISIS fighters have claimed responsibility for brutal attacks in Kabul and other major cities of Afghanistan. Over the past 20 months, ISIS militants have launched attacks on the Russian Embassy, the Pakistani Diplomatic Mission and a Chinese-run Hotel which accommodated Chinese nationals in the heart of Kabul, killing scores of innocent foreign and local civilians.

It is believed that ISIS remains a major threat to Afghanistan’s de facto regime with no other active group to resist the ruling regime.

Meanwhile, regional countries, the Central Asian state, in particular, are concerned about the presence and expansion of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, which may eventually pose threats to their security.

Source: khaama