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Seven people injured in Syria charity shell attack

Seven people injured in Syria charity shell attack

October 4, 2019 » Today News »

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Seven civilians, including a doctor, were working at a clinic in Idlib, when the building was hit by five shells on Thursday, said Syria Relief.

The charity run in Denton, believe the attack was deliberate, adding the violence was “intensifying”.

The facility is the UK’s largest aiding victims of the civil war.

One woman is in a stable condition, the other six are being treated in hospital.

“We have seen the conflict intensifying and entering one of its bloodiest stages yet,” said Charles Lawley of the charity.

Syria Relief said it was “determined” not to let the attack prevent it from delivering aid.

“This is a building full of doctors, nurses and sick people. It should not have been targeted for war. It is of no threat to anyone. It is there to save lives.”

Source: BBC