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Sharia 4 Belgium

February 28, 2020 Terrorist Groups


Established In: 2010;

Also Known As: Sharia4Belgium;

Country Of Origin: Belgium;

Operational Area: Belgium;

Involved In: Recruiting Terrorists;

Connected With:

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Connected Events:

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General Info:

Sharia4Belgium was a Belgian radical Salafist organisation which called for Belgium to convert itself into an Islamic state. In February 2015 the group was designated a terrorist organisation by a Belgian judge. By 7 October 2012 the organization was disbanded.

In 2010 Sharia4Belgium disrupted a lecture by Benno Barnard at the University of Antwerp. In early April 2010, Belgium‘s interior minister Annemie Turtelboom ordered the monitoring of the organisation’s website.

In 2011 the organisation called the death of Vlaams Belang politician Marie-Rose Morel a “punishment of Allah”. Then-defence minister Pieter De Crem was threatened with his life on the internet because of the Belgian participation in Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya. Sharia4Belgium was summoned to the correctional tribunal for incitement to hatred in 2011.

In 2016 the organization was classed as terrorist organization as Fouad Belkacem had recruited several young men to fight for the Islamic State in Syria. Belkacem and 45 other members were found guilty of membership in a terrorist group.