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GFATF - LLL - Shawqi Raif Abu Khalil

Accountant: Shawqi Ra’if Abu Khalil

General Info:
Shawqi Ra’if Abu Khalil serves as statutory auditor of numerous companies associated with the Tajideen Network, including the following list of Hezbollah-controlled entities:

– Ovlas Trading SAL(Offshore);

– Afrimex (Offshore) SAL;

– Hyram Maritime SAL;

– Al-Dalhamiya Country Club Company;

– Company for Development and Prosperity;

– Distributions and Agencies Company SAL;

– Al-Burhan Growth and Development Company SAL;

– Trust & Safety RE. Investment SAL;

– Leaders of Supply & Products (Offshore) SAL;

– Galaxy Flame Trading SAL Offshore;

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