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ISIS sisters are more extreme than London Bridge attackers and could be next UK terror threat

ISIS sisters are more extreme than London Bridge attackers and could be next UK terror threat

Writing for the Mail Online, the reporter, known only as Aisha, has warned of a group of “hate filled” women who she fears may turn to terror.

The journalist filmed London Bridge attack ringleader Khuram Butt for an undercover Dispatches documentary on Channel 4.

In the film Butt, who slaughtered eight people with two accomplices, was caught on camera protesting outside Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

But the documentary was not focused on Butt, whose evil jihadi gang were responsible for the worst London terror attack since the 7/7 bombings.

Instead, the film was an investigation into a group of “brainwashed” women who “who share their twisted view”.

The reporter wrote: “We had gone undercover to make a Dispatches documentary for Channel 4, focusing not on Butt and his fellow Islamists but on a less obvious group – the ‘sisters’, the women who share their twisted views.

“Unlike their male counterparts, the women only ever express these views behind closed doors or online.

“Now my greatest fear is that one of those women I watched being brainwashed – or, even worse, one of the children who ran around playing as the hate-filled rants were delivered – might go on to murder innocent people as Butt did.”

The reporter claims the women are linked to banned terror group Al-Muhajiroun, whose leader, Anjem Choudary, has been jailed for supporting ISIS.

She claims the women are continuing his “work” in his absence.

After gaining their trust, the reporter spent over a year with the women in an attempt to understand their beliefs and motivations.

She added: “What I witnessed there convinced me that the stereotypical image of jihadis as young men needs to be adjusted, because the women were equally virulent in their views.

“The hatred toward non-believers runs deep in this politicised version of Islam.

“The women believe that the self-declared Islamic State is the true caliphate.

“In essence, they are swearing their allegiance to IS, which has declared a war on British and Western society.”

There is no suggestion the woman who feature in the Channel 4 documentary were involved in the London Bridge terror attack.

In the film, one of the women barrates western powers for attacking ISIS in the Middle East during a two-hour lecture.

She said: “It’s not the first time nations have plotted against the believers.

“It’s not the first time the alliance has been formed like they have now with this coalition against the Khilafah [ISIS].

“But Allah one by one he will destroy them.”

After viewing the fim, Counter-terrorism expert Hannah Stuart, of the Henry Jackson Society, told Channel 4 the extreme views of women in the documentary could lead to terrorism.

She said: “What’s striking about the women that you’ve been following in the UK is they’re not actually telling people that they should commit acts of violence, but the messages that they’re repeatedly putting out support the ideological backdrop for groups like Islamic State and other jihadist groups.

“I would certainly consider them extremist and I think it is very dangerous because it is supportive of the worldview of Islamic State.

“The sorts of beliefs, like the rejection of democracy, the need to – or the religious duty to live under Sharia law, these are ostensibly non-violent ideas. What’s dangerous is that if you hold those views and then seek to act in order to achieve them that can entail acts of violence and acts of terrorism.”

Source: Daily Star