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Spanish authorities arrested Moroccan national for glorifying terrorism and hatred

Spanish authorities arrested Moroccan national for glorifying terrorism and hatred

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Spain’s national police announced the arrest of a Moroccan national in Terrasa, Barcelona for “crimes linked to the glorification of terrorism and hatred” on Thursday, July 23.

Spanish police opened an investigation into the suspect a year ago. The investigation revealed that the defendant used social media to post photos and videos with messages promoting “violent jihad.”

The suspect also posted publications of a “clearly anti-semitic nature,” the statement from Spanish police quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) said.

Spanish security services said they made the arrest to “prevent” the suspect from reaching an “advanced state of radicalization and moving to an operational phase.”

Agents of the Provincial Information Brigade of Barcelona as well as the Local Information Brigade of Motril, Granada carried out the arrest as part of the fight against terrorism in Spain.

Spanish security services have previously carried out several similar operations arresting individuals of Moroccan origins allegedly sympathizing with ISIS activities.

One of the most recent arrests was on May 20 when police in Spain arrested a Moroccan ISIS sympathizer who managed to convince several youths to join terrorist groups.

Spain and Morocco shared close cooperation in the fight against terrorism. On May 8, a joint operation between Spanish police, the US FBI, and Morocco’s General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance led to the arrest of a Moroccan man in Barcelona for his alleged ties to ISIS.

Morocco is among worldwide leaders in the fight against terrorism. The Moroccan approach attracted a lengthy list of international countries, seeking partnership or to benefit from Morocco’s expertise in the counterterrorism field.

The recent US State Department’s Report on Terrorism for Morocco published on June 24, said Morocco’s counterterrorism efforts mitigate risk of terrorism.

The report shows how all of Morocco’s security units, including the DGST, Morocco’s Central Bureau of Investigations (BCIJ), and General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), among others, work together to combat terrorism threats across Morocco.

Source: Morocco World News