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Spanish authorities arrested Moroccan terrorist for targeting Spanish official

Spanish authorities arrested Moroccan terrorist for targeting Spanish official

October 8, 2019 » Today News » /


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 Affected Countries: spain; morocco;

Spanish police arrested a Moroccan born suspect on October 5 in Madrid for alleged manufacturing of explosives.

On October 8, Spanish news outlet El Mundo shared new evidence from the investigation carried out upon the arrest of the Moroccan suspect.

The news outlet reported that the 23-year old alleged terrorist was plotting attacks against the Spanish Minister for Justice, Dolores Delgado.

El Mundo reported that the suspect was planning attacks in several Madrid Metro stations and public spaces in Madrid.

Legal sources quoted by the Spanish news outlet said that the suspect had a list of possible targets.

The police seized a notebook in which the name of the Spanish acting Justice Minister appeared regularly.

The suspect, who was born in Tetouan, in northern Morocco, has Spanish citizenship.

Police arrested the suspect for his involvement in a terror organization and “terrorist threats.”

El Mundo said that the police also arrested the suspect’s father who was “subsequently released” without charges.

A Spanish judge explained that the suspect was plotting to commit an “attack on behalf” of the ISIS terror group.

Police allegedly seized a video of the suspect pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Baker Al Baghdadi.

The suspect owned a video with a list of targets across Spain.

Moroccan security forces regularly work with Spain to combat terrorism.

Moroccan police, in cooperation with Spanish and Moroccan intelligence services, arrested a Moroccan terror suspect in April. The suspect was allegedly planning a terror attack in Seville, southern Spain.

In June, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Spain is “Morocco’s largest trading partner and the two countries are linked by exemplary cooperation relations in several areas such as migration management and anti-terrorist cooperation.”

Source: Morocco World News