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Special team exhuming Yezidi mass graves come under fire

Special team exhuming Yezidi mass graves come under fire

April 26, 2019 » Today News » /

The special investigative teams, who have kicked off a campaign to exhume the mass graves of Kurdish Yezidi victims of Islamic State (IS) genocide in Sinjar region, came under fire on Monday by unknown armed men, a report said.

Kurdistan 24 cited its correspondent in the area as saying that the bullets were directly fired at the teams, and that the exhumation was therefore suspended for safety concerns.

However, no one was killed or injured due to the shootings, according to the report.

After taking over a vast area in 2014, the Islamic State attacked Sinjar where they killed hundreds of civilians despite the fact they abducted thousands of others.

The investigative teams after Monday’s attack called on the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the teams and stability in Sinjar so that they can continue the process of exhumation.

Source: Basnews