IS spreading in Africa, expert alerts UN

IS spreading in Africa, expert alerts UN

The Technical Coordinator, Enhancing Africa’s Response to Transnational Organized Crime, Martin Ewi, has informed the United Nations Security Council that the terrorist group, Islamic State, IS, is spreading and becoming a threat to Africa.

Ewi disclosed this on Tuesday, adding that the dreaded organisation “has expanded its influence beyond measure” and could be “the future of the caliphate,” with at least 20 African countries directly experiencing the extremist group’s activity and more than 20 others “being used for logistics and to mobilise funds and other resources.”

According to the Washington Post, Ewi said the jihadist group, IS, which is also known as Daesh from Syria and Iraq are infiltrating in the African continent.

He said, “But no similar coalition was mounted to defeat Daesh in Africa … meaning that the continent was left to bear the consequences of those who are fleeing Syria and finding safe havens on the continent.

“They are now regional hubs, which have become corridors of instability in Africa.

“The international community is then called upon to help at the time that the threat has gotten out of hand.

“We are seeing this phenomenon playing out in Benin and Togo, which are the latest coastal countries in Africa to experience concentrated attacks of Daesh and other terror groups.”

He added that this same phenomenon was seen previously in Mozambique when terrorism erupted, and also in Nigeria, Cameroon and many other countries “where the threat was misdiagnosed and the responses were also inappropriate.”

To defeat IS in Africa, Ewi said, “the strategy must transcend the group and include its alliances with al-Qaida and other criminal groups including bandits, herders, gangs and various organized crime groups.”

Source: Vanguardngr