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January 17, 2019 » Today News

ISIS supporter admits she attacked Toronto Canadian Tire staff and customers

ISIS supporter admits she attacked Toronto Canadian Tire staff and customers

Rehab Dughmosh admitted she attacked shocked employees and customers at a Scarborough Canadian Tire in June 2017 with a golf club and a butcher’s knife while shouting “This is for ISIS.”

Dughmosh, 34, made these startling admissions that she assaulted, but didn’t harm, employees and customers with a golf club she picked up from the sporting goods section and a butcher’s knife she brought from home.

These statements, which Dughmosh accepted as true, were read into court Wednesday by Crown attorney Jason Wakely.

Dughmosh pleaded not guilty to four terrorism-related charges: two charges of assault with a weapon for the “benefit … or in association with a terrorist group, ISIS, also known as Daesh,” carrying a bow for a dangerous purpose, and leaving Canada for the purpose of committing an offence.

Dughmosh pulled out a black and white ISIS banner and tied a black bandanna bearing the ISIS symbol around her head inside the Cedarbrae Mall store. She charged at three store employees, David Benham, Seymone Beckford and Naima Tourabi, swinging the driver and repeatedly screaming, “This is for ISIS!”

Tourabi grabbed Dughmosh’s arm while Benham yanked the golf club out of her hands. She then pulled out the butcher’s knife and swung it at Benham, said Wakely.

Dughmosh was subsequently subdued and disarmed.

Store employee Kyle Craig asked Dughmosh: “Why are you in here trying to stab people?”

“When you kill Muslims, you have to pay … this is revenge for Muslims. To stop killing Muslims in Syria and Iraq,” she told him.

Dughmosh mentioned she “had previously attempted to leave Canada to join ISIS, but was turned back” in Turkey, court heard.

Source: Canoe