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Islamic State supporters celebrate Jerusalem truck terrorist attack

Islamic State supporters celebrate Jerusalem truck terrorist attack

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Islamic State supporters on social media celebrated Sunday’s deadly car-ramming attack in Jerusalem that according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed “signs” that it may have been carried out by an IS sympathizer.
The IDF also released a video showing Hamas supporters celebrating the attack (see above), in which four Israeli soldiers were killed and 17 others were injured.

IS sympathizer Rami Abu Jalalah posted a picture of the perpetrator and wrote: “A new picture of Fadi al Qanbar, the lion of the Islamic State, pray for Allah to welcome him as a martyr.”

In a separate post, Jalalah, who does not speak for IS, quoted IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi: “Soon enough, Jews, you’ll hear the march of the mujahideen.”

Militant Alazer Alasqalani derided the Palestinian factions: “The kiosks of Gaza went silent after they realized that the perpetrator is a member of the Islamic Caliphate. They understood that some support and adhere to our beloved state here in our occupied lands. They went silent and have nothing to say to their boys.”

“The fingerprints of the perpetrators of the car-ramming attacks in the French city of Nice and in the Palestinian city of Jerusalem are the same fingerprints,” Mosaab Jamil wrote.

Qasim commented sarcastically: “Terrorist IS left Russia and Iran alone and has turned against Israel. They gave up on the idolaters and focused on the people of the book,” taking a jab at those who say that IS refrains from attacking Israel.

“It’s one blessing out of many that the Islamic State, Allah bless her, gives us,” Mohamad Issa wrote after posting a picture of the perpetrator and an IS symbol. “Allah, please welcome the attacker Fadi al Qanbar as a martyr.”

Boualem wrote: “If the report is accurate, the Zionists will start walking down their streets terrified because it means that the plague reached Palestine. Allah, please sow terror in the hearts of the wretched Zionists.”

Source: /Breitbart