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Syrian army repels ISIS attack in Suwayda

Syrian army repels ISIS attack in Suwayda

July 6, 2018 » Today News »

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has launched an assault to storm the Syrian Army positions in Tall Ma`rar on northeast Suwayda countryside amid ongoing battles by the government troops to clear the pocket.

However, the attack on the recently-recaptured hilltop was successfully foiled by the Syrian troops, backed by Palestinian fighters, who managed to kill at least 3 militants and capture one alive, as well as destroy their vehicle.

The failed attack comes as the terror group resorted to hit-and-run attacks which aim to seize weapons and ammunition from the Syrian forces. This is due to the fact that the ultraconservative militants have become fully besieged inside a pocket in northeast Suwayda.

Source: almasdarnews